The Sophisticated Culprit – Regin

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The Sophisticated Culprit – Regin

The Sophisticated Culprit -Regin

Something that started out so small in 2008 has now grown into a huge problem for many in 2014. A “spying malware” software application called Regin has been on the prowl for quite some time now. There are organizations in every country that are wondering when they’ll become the next victim.

Regin is known for its sophistication, precision and malicious intent on not just companies but their customers as well. This software was first used for attacks on private organizations, governments and many institutions of research. It’s notorious for targeting things such like:

• Deleted Files
• Stealing Data
• Screen shots of important information
• Remote access to PC’s

All of which being extremely vulnerable and important information that needs to be protected or gotten rid of securely. These attacks have been aimed at organizations that use Windows operating systems. This type of malware has been so thoroughly thought out over the past 7 years, to the point where it’s become very difficult for anyone to detect exactly what it’s doing or what it could be stealing.
Half of the listed targeted areas above can be resolved and protected easily by using CyberScrub’s tools. You can stop this culprit from gaining access to deleted files and stealing current data by utilizing our secure deletion tool (deleted files that are gone beyond recovery) and encryption safe (allowing only yourself access to data). This solution resolves half of your problems and of which many companies worldwide are dealing with right now (Regin attacks).
o With CyberScrub Security or Privacy Suite 5.1 you’re able to target and securely delete sensitive/personal information that you don’t want to have sitting around on your PC.
Not to mention prevention of this powerful malware gaining access to your personal life.
o If any files or documents that you feel the need to keep around for future use, we’ve incorporated an encryption safe that allows only you to have access to your data.
With CyberScrub you’re able to protect yourself and private information from these sneaky hackers that want control of your life. So PROTECT YOUR WORLD today using CyberScrub tools and let them know who’s in charge before they take charge of you!

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