Windows 2003 Server Support Ending

go to site Windows 2003 Server Support Coming To an End
On July 14th, 2015, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows 2003 Server. If you haven’t already taken action, please do soon because security updates and technical support will not be available. You or the company’s data can be compromised by harmful viruses, malicious software (Regin) and other sneaky hackers. There [...]

Strategize, Identify and Comply

Order Tastylia Oral Strip No Prescription When Good Just Isn’t Good Enough: STRATEGIZE, IDENTIFY & COMPLY
Many are starting to visualize 2015 as “the year of change”. There have been quite a few companies that have been going through rough times recently all due to the lack of focus on Information Governance. It seems that many organizations haven’t put in place policies and solution tools [...]

The Sophisticated Culprit – Regin The Sophisticated Culprit -Regin
Something that started out so small in 2008 has now grown into a huge problem for many in 2014. A “spying malware” software application called Regin has been on the prowl for quite some time now. There are organizations in every country that are wondering when they’ll become the next victim.

Regin is known for its [...]

Florida Locks Down on Data Security!

Florida Locks Down on Data Security!

Recently, there have been quite a few lockdowns on data security recently here in the United States and Florida being one of the top states taking this matter into their own hands.
The newly created law called “FIPA” (Florida Information Protection Act) has officially come into play as of July 1st, 2014. This [...]