Florida Locks Down on Data Security!


  • Recently, there have been quite a few lockdowns on data security recently here in the United States and Florida being one of the top states taking this matter into their own hands.
  • The newly created law called “FIPA” (Florida Information Protection Act) has officially come into play as of July 1st, 2014. This new law has replaced the past data breach notification law making sure that all companies handling personal identifiable information (PII) are able to control it in cases of a data breaches.

Reason as to why Florida has become stricter with these security standards is because of what use to be very little personal information held such like first and last name has now expanded to individuals providing

  • Social security numbers                                Driver’s license numbers
  • Financial Account Numbers         Passport Numbers
  • Medical Histories                             Health Insurance Policy Numbers
  • (Anything government issued)

which requires more protection for everyone today. So any personal identifiable information (PII) in electronic form applies directly to the new FIPA law and if any information is compromised, further actions of disposal are to take place. By disposal meaning that there should be no traces of information of individual’s records at all. As these laws start to change in addition to the new security standards, the level of expectations on staying compliant is at an all-time high. It has become apparent that solution tools that can help with organizations stay on top of security protocols are necessary.

  • Needless to say, that’s what CyberScrub’s Security tool is here for! We provide secure data deletion tools that can be used on a reoccurring basis while targeting specific information that needs to be discarded. It’s one thing to securely delete everything from a computer’s hard drive but most desire not to if there’s very little that needs to be gone for good. So visit our website today to protect yourself and the individual’s information you’re liable for.