Our Customer Testimonials!

” The work was done quickly, hopefully the issue will be ended.”
” I am very happy.He sloved the problem. Very nice person.”
” Fast response and really appreciated the remote assistance !! The rep was very good, patient, and helpful …. “
“Great help …. didn't know you guys could/would do this ……… reaffirmed my positive impressions of Cyberscrub ….. and very pleased overall now with product and help ……..”
“The representative was knowledgeable as well as professional. He/She knew exactly what to do and now the issue is fixed. Efficient and great. Very much appreciated.”
” The Representative was very helpful with the activation of my product. the experience was overall quick and very efficient.”
” Excellent. It was good that he could remote in. Very helpful! “
” Pat was very helpful. I was impressed with his knowledge and expertise. Excellent. More organizations should operate as efficiently as yours. No wait (hold) time. Thank you, again.”
“My Representative was extremely courteous & helpful. They kept me updated about what they were doing & a good idea of the waiting time. It was an interesting experience. Thank you.”
“I cannot say enough about the great service I recieved today from your support technician. I have been a customer since 1999 and I recommend your product to everyone I know and do business with. Not only do you have a great product but you back it with fine customer service. Today good service is not common, often times good service is just “lip service” I have found this not to be true with CyberScrub. Not only do you promise good service but you deliver it. Keep doing the great job and your success is assured, – Lee R.”
” He was polite and answered all of my question, as well as fixing my issue(s) with CS.”
” Very good experience and went smoother than I expected.”
” Rep worked quickly and answered all of my questions.”
“Pat was very helpful in working my problem. Very helpful support team. great system and software,thanks much.”
” Thank you for your prompt and diligent work.”
” GOOD JOB!!! The problems were fixed in less than 5 minutes. Thank you.”
” The rep was very professional and solved my problem extremely quickly. Excellent experience.”
“my experience with support team went well. service rep knew the product well we needed to do a remote asst but didn’t work. excellent over all have to wait 2 days to fix issue but at least it was an honest answer.”
“Very professional. I am very confident that the issue will be solved. Thank you for all your help. Very happy with customer support.”
“CS-Rep has helped me on more than one occasion. Seems any time I have a problem, CS-Rep knows how to fix it. Any dealings with CS-Rep are gracious, calm, and knowledgeable. Surely an asset to your company. At least where CS-Rep is concerned, no changes are required. He has taken care to see that I get my subscription renewed when required, and also helps when I have problems, as he did again today.”
“Always nice to talk to CS-Rep. He does a great job as far as I am concerned. Pat is very personable and efficient. Very high marks from me for the good service.”
“Very helpful, Nice and she was very capable and proficient. This was a delightful experience.”
“The rep has apparently fixed my problem. I shall test privacy guard later against mozilla firefox 22 and see if it works correctly. Overall it was good. But sometimes the reps must listen more to the customer wen i am trying to give them useful information.”