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Destroy Hard Drive Data
The Standard of
Data Wiping Solutions
CyberScrub cyberCide 3.0

Data Wiping & Erasure

Delete ALL Data from Hard Drives
Total Hard Drive Sanitization
Secure Erasure Beyond Recovery

Essential for Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB, FACTA, HIPAA and other Regulatory Compliance
Now Available for Networks

Ideal for Return of Leased Assets and Computer Disposal

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Volume and Site License options available

"Delete" or "Format" doesn't mean Erase
Whether your data is sent to the recycle bin or your entire drive is formatted and repartitioned, the chance of unauthorized discovery is very real and poses issues of risk and liability. Securely wipe hard drives and overwrite, delete and destroy privileged data with cyberCide.

"There are no commercial or black-market file retrieval products that have been known to retrieve a file after this process."
New York Times 05/02/02

cyberCide employs advanced hard drive erasure options that will defeat software OR hardware forensic recovery. cyberCide provides a cost effective solution for the critical task of data destruction and wiping files.

EPA Recommends CyberScrub
for Disk Sanitization

The Environmental Protection Agency, in its recent report Procedures for Disk Sanitization, has recommended CyberScrub for hard drive erasure.

Essential Protection for Health Care (HIPAA), Corporate (Sarbanes-Oxley, FACTA) and Financial Privacy- Data Destruction
Designed for strict compliance with corporate/government file retention and hard drive erasure policies, cyberCide utilizes wipe methods that exceed standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense. Fully configurable and easy to deploy, cyberCide supports 85 partition types, overwrites ( deletes ) data on both logical/physical drives, and allows the user to select unique wipe methods for each space. Regardless of native operating system, cyberCide will identify and purge any size drive or partition.

Protecting information is a serious responsibility that may have ethical and legal consequences. Health records, passwords, marketing plans, IP, bids, personnel and payroll data, tax returns, sales contracts, trade secrets and email are examples of sensitive data that may reside on a computer's hard drive scheduled for disposal. Many have discovered, to their shock and dismay, the significance of unsecured data erasure.

System Requirements

Platform: Wintel*
Operating Sytem: none; any OS on above platform
Minimum of 286 or greater processor
550kb free conventional memory
EGA/VGA or above graphics
1.44 Mb floppy diskette or CD-ROM drive for boot disk
Mouse (recommended)

* A computer based on an Intel x86 compatible processor

cyberCide Data Wiping:

A solution you can trust. Ensure compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB, FACTA and other federal and state compliance regulations. Wipe hard drives clean, and eliminate all priviledged health information (PHI), customer and transactional data, financials and other sensitive information.

Total Hard Drive Sanitization

Utilizing methods that meet and exceed US DoD 5220.22, cyberCide thoroughly destroys data beyond software or hardware based forensic recovery.

An Ideal Data Wiping Solution

Speed, log reports, local or network deployment and award winning support make cyberCide your ideal solution for wiping hard drives, cleaning computers, disk sanitization, data erasure, secure file deletion, data destruction and overwriting files and free space.
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