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Use Cases

When a retail chain, got hacked, they relied on CyberScrub Technology to completely sanitize their servers and machines and then re-building it so that any reminiscences of the malware/spyware are not left behind ontheir systems.
Many healthcare organizations have been in need of a solution tool that can securely get rid of all past private patient or employee information on a recurring basis just to stay compliant with security standards such as HIPAA/HITECH or other data privacy and compliance laws.
ICONS_UseCases_Finance_50x50Financial Institutions
Financial organizations hold a great amount of private information when it comes to customers, which sets the bar pretty high when following all of the security standards. We’ve been able to get rid of any past deleted data ranging from contracts to small files of personal information that the company wants to be gone beyond forensic recovery and that’s exactly how we’ve been able to help!
Ranging from grade school all the way up to college institutions contain so much information when pertaining to students. This giving them more reason to make sure that none of it is recoverable outside of their walls. There are use cases where temporary file(s) of a student or even employee are in need to be discarded over time and physically destroying is not the way when desiring to save money. All schools want to be able to have cost effective based solutions and getting rid of a perfectly good computer because of the data on it is not the way to go. CyberScrub has established a targeting task based solution that allows any administrator to securely delete certain files or personal information, so in cases of a student/employee needing to utilize a computer they can while saving the money of buying another PC and protecting any information in the end.
ICONS_UseCases_Corporate_50x50Corporate Organizations
Any corporate corporation knows the number one rule and that is to make sure that their consumers or clients are satisfied and that means making sure that all of their private personal information is too. We have had many corporate customers utilizing our tools to get rid of a large amount of data that should have no traces of evidence. We’ve been able to provide a network version that most clients utilize due to mass volume and the benefit of elapsed time on deleting targeted data.
ICONS_UseCases_Govt_50x50Government (Federal/State/City/County)
Throughout the government industry security protocols tend to change day to day and many look for different solutions to make sure they’re ahead of the game. There have been cases when an employee leaves, that all information needs to be unrecoverable for the new employee that utilizes that computer. Any government related organization knows how important personal/company data can be hence most being top-secret and a duty to keep it that way.

ICONS_UseCases_Data_50x50Information Holders (Data Storage Companies)
As data grows day to day the space for storing becomes smaller and smaller. CyberScrub has been able to help with our cleaning tools with getting rid of data that has no use any longer creating space for higher priority information. It has become a huge relief knowing that there is a cost saving route that can be utilized while keeping a computer and all its parts intact.