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CyberScrub provides cost-effective software solutions to wipe hard drives locally or over networks, using erasure methods that meet or esceed stands set by the US Department of Defense. Ideal for HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

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Wiping Hard Drives

Wiping is the process of overwriting data present on the hard drive magnetic media with streams of fixed or random characters (or a combination of the two) to obliterate its contents and prevent its recovery. This process is also known as secure data erasure or sanitization.

Contrary to popular belief, formatting a hard drive does nothing to prevent the recovery of its contents. By contrast, data wiping (overwriting) is a dependable and trusted method of data destruction that can be deployed at low cost, is verifiable, does not render the drive obsolete, and produces verification and documentation for compliance, auditing and inventory control.

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Meets, Exceed US DoD

Volume and Site License options available

cyberCide is designed to wipe hard drives locally or over a network. It uses wipe methods that meet or surpass standards set by the US Department of Defense (US DoD 5220.22), can be centrally managed, runs from command-lines, and produces detailed log file reports to a designated repository. Site and enterprise licenses are available in addition to volume discount pricing.


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