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CyberScrub software performs the secure erasure of files and data to ensure computer security and privacy.

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The Secure Erasure of Files and Data

It is essential to securely erase files and data, but what exactly, does this mean?
When files are removed by traditional methods, such as using the keyboard delete key, only the pointer to that file has been removed. This creates a dangerous and false sense of security, as the actual data can, in most instances, be fully recovered. The risk is immense- imagine unauthorized persons reviewing your tax and medical records, passwords, banking information, business plans. The secure erasure of such sensitive data must be addressed to prevent such disclosure that may turn your life upside down.

There are two broad areas of discussion:

  • The initial secure erasure of files beyond recovery and
  • the secure erasure of previously “deleted” files

    By utilizing an application such as CyberScrub Privacy Suite, both issues are easily resolved. This program will allow you to not only select individual files and folders for total destruction, but provide the ability to wipe free space, which will render items deleted with traditional, non-secure methods as unrecoverable.

    Privacy Suite software utilizes secure erasure patterns that exceed methods required by the US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22).

    For additional knowledge, please visit the Privacy Suite webpage. A fully functional 15 day free trial is available to download for your evaluation.

    If your organization requires a network-based solution for your enterprise please visit the Compliance Suite product page.

  • Privacy Suite Software Erase ALL Internet Activity
    Pictures, URLs, Videos,
    Newsgroups, History
    Chats, Voice, Streams, Email
    P2P, "locked" Windows Files,
    Registry entries, Thumbs.db
    Wipe Free Space and more

    Only $59.95
    Incl. 1 Year Subscription

    Buy Privacy Software

    Erase Your Files Beyond Forensic Discovery.
    Delay will only increase your risk.
    Need more information? Please visit the
    Privacy Suite software product page.

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