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Ensure PCI Security Compliance, Render Purged Cardholder Data Irretrievable. CyberScrub Provides an Essential Component of the DSS Section 9.10.2 Process.

The payment card industry, responding to the hightened instance of customer data at risk, has mandated a new Security Standard (PCI DSS) effective June 2008. A few years ago Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB Cards founded the PCI Data Security Council with the express purpose of imposing strict processes to limit fraud and enhance the stewardship the users' sensitive data.

At a minimum the Council is requiring web applications to either deploy state of the art technology or have their systems evaluated by bona fide 3rd party security consultants.

An essential process all merchants should consider is the scheduled wiping of free space (which may contain purged cardholder data) from hard drives residing in point of purchase terminals, servers and other locations. This process can be fully integrated within your current tool kit, and automated to run without user intervention- resulting in the secure and non-retrievable erasure (overwriting) of previously deleted files and data. CyberScrub log files can include machine ID, dates and times of the wiping process, erasure method used and more. This information will prove valuable should an audit be required.

While many administrators have systems in place to purge cardholder data at the end of its mandated retention period, it is in most cases possible to retreive and reconstruct this information. Even the normal deletion of encrypted data presents an unacceptable security risk. CyberScrub provides solutions to securely purge targeted cardholder data and/or ensure previously deleted files cannot be recovered.

CyberScrub Software Ensures PCI Compliance for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB Cards. Using erasure algorithms that match US Department of Defense requirements (US DOD 5220.22), deleted cardholder data is sanitized- rendered non-recoverable, and wiped beyond forensic discovery. By proactively addressing the potential risk of the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive and privileged cardholder data you can mitigate the associated risks and liabilities.

We provide stand alone, network, OEM and enterprise PCI compliance solutions.

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Render Normal Deletions Non-
Recoverable and Secure
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