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CyberScrub software allows you to shred files (erase files) beyond recovery to protect your privacy. Download a Free, 15 Day Trial.

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Overwrite Files with a File Shredder

A file shredder is an extremely important component of your security toolkit. In essence, this type of utility will allow you to securely erase files or folders beyond recovery by overwriting their contents numerous times with either random or specific data. Some high level erasure methods use a combination of random and specific character sets.

With a “normal” deletion, even in those instances where the Recycle Bin has been emptied, files may be recovered using even the most basic recovery tools. This is because a “deletion” only removes the pointer to a file- the actual file remains on your hard drive or other storage media. Only by overwriting the file numerous times is the file obliterated, rendering recovery efforts invalid.

Privacy Suite Software Shred ALL Internet Activity
Pictures, URLs, Videos,
Newsgroups, History
Chats, Voice, Streams, Email
P2P, "locked" Windows Files,
Registry entries, Thumbs.db
Wipe Free Space and more.

Only $59.95
Incl. 1 Year Subscription

Buy Privacy Software

Erase Your Files Beyond Forensic Discovery.
Delay will only increase your risk.
Need more information? Please visit the
Privacy Suite software product page.

Privacy Suite file shredder software incorporates file shredding and overwrite technology that meets and in many instances exceeds standards set by the US Department of Defense (US DOD 5220.22). Please visit the product page to explore the many features of this application, including sophisticated automation, the ability to overwrite and shred free space and file slack, an encryption module and many other features. This product is deployed locally. It can run from command-lines and provides extensive and detailed log file reporting capabilities. A free 15 day trial is available for your evaluation.

If a network-based file shredder overwrite solution is required, please see Compliance Suite file overwrite software.

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