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CyberScrub software allows you to permanently erase and delete email beyond forensic discovery. Ideal for an individual user or as a solution to enforce corporate data retention policies. Perfect for HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance.

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Delete and Erase Email

Email is indeed the most revolutionary communications vehicle of modern times. Unmatched for efficiency, documentation and rapid distribution of knowledge, it can provide exposure to various liabilities that previously did not exist. Specifically: the unrestrained retention of vast communication histories.

Many view email as not only message (and file) transfer, but as a file cabinet. The risk of unauthorized disclosure is nothing less than explosive. Imagine if you will, that every single letter you ever received was carried around with you each day. What if you lost it? What is someone was snooping through it? Think of the possible exposure: bank statements, business proposals, inter-office politics, pricing, family issues, even that “about last night” note. This alone represents unacceptable risk, however, escalate this now into the world of litigation and law enforcement. E-discovery requests are common place- most organizations receive numerous such requests per year. As these requests are broad, unfettered access by disinterested parties can not only expose items such as trade secrets to competitors, but in a worst case scenario, provide evidence of crimes or infractions never initially considered.

The key to managing such vast communications repositories is through the deployment of well planned document life-cycle policies. It would not be unusual, excepting items that are or may be subject to discovery requests, to delete all documents greater than 30 days old. But how is this policy successfully executed.

We will limit our discussion here to the secure erasure of email at the pre-designated interval. In reference to email retained on individual clients, this is in most all cases easily recovered. To delete and erase the email beyond recovery, it must be deleted from the email client, such as Outlook. But additional measures must be taken to ensure there is no method of reclamation available to extract this “deleted” email. By wiping the hard drive free space with secure erasure methods, email that has been so previously deleted is now non-recoverable.

Privacy Suite Software Erase Email
Pictures, URLs, Videos,
Newsgroups, History
Chats, Voice, Streams, Email
P2P, "locked" Windows Files,
Registry entries, Thumbs.db
Wipe Free Space and more.

Only $59.95
Incl. 1 Year Subscription

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Erase Your Email Beyond Forensic Discovery.
Delay will only increase your risk.
Need more information? Please visit the
Privacy Suite software product page.

Privacy Suite software is designed for not only the selective sanitization of files and folders, but is ideally suited to wipe free space rendering email beyond forensic recovery. It utilizes erasure methods that exceed the US DoD 5220.22 standard, and can provide a policy driven, transparent and fully auditable solution.

Please visit the Privacy Suite software product page to explore the many features and options available to securely erase and delete email beyond recovery. By utilizing the products Privacy Guard feature, you may also address the security risks posed by web-based clients such as Gmail and Hotmail.

Privacy Suite may be downloaded for your evaluation. A free, full functional 15 day trial is available at the Privacy Suite Product Page and Download Site.

If your organization requires a network-based solution for your enterprise please visit the Compliance Suite product page.

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