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CyberScrub software allows you to permanently erase and delete dangerous porn pictures and videos that may reside on your computer hard drive without your knowledge or permission.

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Topic- Erase, Remove, Clear Chat

Clean up and Erase Adult Content (Porn) from Your Computer

The simple act of viewing adult oriented material will result in pornographic pictures, images and videos being written to your hard drive. The circumstances are irrelevant- you may have been tricked into arriving at a graphic URL destination, innocently opened a racy email message or actively sought out such content. Regardless, you now will have to address the risk associated with the possession of this highly sensitive material. Unauthorized disclosure could result in dismissal from employment, ruined reputations, failed marriages, humiliation and embarrassment. Chat and instant messaging programs also leave incriminating traces upon your computer that may come back to your horror and astonishment.

While most of the popular browsers and chat clients offer simple clean up features, these methods are not secure and allow file recovery by not only sophisticated forensics but by basic and easy to use recovery tools.

Privacy Suite Software Erase ALL Internet Activity
Pictures, URLs, Videos,
Newsgroups, History
Chats, Voice, Streams, Email
P2P, "locked" Windows Files,
Registry entries, Thumbs.db
Wipe Free Space

Only $59.95
Incl. 1 Year Subscription

Buy Privacy Software

Erase Your Files Beyond Forensic Discovery.
Delay will only increase your risk.
Need more information? Please visit the
Privacy Suite software product page.

Privacy Suite software cleans up porn, removes pictures, chat and videos. Utilizing erasure techniques that exceed standards set by the US Department of Defense (US DoD 5220.22) Privacy Suite ensures that all evidence of your online activity has been securely deleted beyond recovery. Powerful, yet easy to use, Privacy Suite offers Simple and Advanced modes, wipes “locked” Windows files that contain compromising information and effectively cleans your computer of all adult oriented material. Your web browsing history is thoroughly erased, traces from program applications, such as Photoshop are removed, chat conversations and instant messages overwritten, newsgroup readers are sanitized and peer to peer tracks are wiped. Privacy Suite will not only destroy viewed video clips, but remove all associated data from players such as the Real and Windows Media Player. Furthermore, you may automate these cleaning tasks with powerful, built-in scheduling utilities. Privacy Suite also provides the ability to encrypt your secret files with strong 256-bit AES encryption to prevent access by unauthorized persons.

Discovery of pornographic imagery and adult oriented chat may occur when obtaining service or repair, in response to audit assessments at work, or in many cases by spouses and children. The responsible course of action should you acquire pornographic pictures or other restricted content is to erase it beyond recovery. CyberScrub Privacy Suite is well suited for this task to protect your privacy.

If your organization requires a network-based solution for your enterprise please visit the Compliance Suite product page.

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