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CyberScrub provides data wiping solutions for the certified erasure of specific files or entire hard drives. Custom applications available. Log files are provided for SOX and HIPAA auditing and compliance. Our applications may be run locally or over a network.

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Certified File Deletion Erasure Software

CyberScrub offers many solutions to implement the secure deletion of files, folders and other data. These programs and utilities can be modified to your specifications as applicable. CyberScrub software deletion programs all provide detailed log files for auditing and compliance, may be run from command-line parameters, can be automated and policy driven.

Secure Deletion/Erasure Software:

cyberCide Hard Drive Erasure Software

cyberCide will sanitize a computer hard drive, removing ALL data (including the operating system) with deletion methods that meet or exceed standards set by the US Department of Defense (US DoD 5220.22).

Ensure Data Retention Policies

Wipe, Erase Hard Drives
Delete ALL Data from Hard Drives

Wipe Hard Drives Locally or
Over Networks
Log Files, Command Lines
Excellent Support

Now Available for Networks

Need more information?
cyberCide software product page.
From $29.95

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Meets, Exceed US DoD

Volume and Site License options available

cyberCide can be run locally, from a bootable floppy disk or CD/DVD.

If run from a floppy disk, the user may capture a detailed log file, containing machine ID, drive serial number, date, began/end, deletion method used, errors, if any, and other details. Many will find this an essential tool to maintain auditable compliance for HIPAA, SOX, FACTA, GLB, and other acts and directives.

If the target computer does not have a floppy disk drive, you may run the program from a bootable CD/DVD, however, it is not possible to capture a log file if the process is deployed in this manner.

cyberCide can also be run over a network.

This will allow a log file to be captured from each computer and saved to a central location. If a user elects to deploy this option, it will be necessary to purchase the cyberCide Server. cyberCide For Networks can deploy secure deletion on an unlimited number of computers simultaneously.

Privacy Suite File Deletion Software

Privacy Suite performs the secure deletion of specified data (files, folders, registry entries, etc.) while leaving the operating system intact. This software program can securely delete specific files upon demand, can wipe free space to ensure that previously “deleted files” cannot be recovered, and can remove sensitive information acquired without your knowledge or permission. This may include Windows data, such as alternate data streams, swap/paging file, “locked files” such as index.dat, and registry values.

Privacy Suite Software Erase ALL Internet Activity
Pictures, URLs, Videos,
Newsgroups, History
Chats, Voice, Streams, Email
P2P, "locked" Windows Files,
Registry entries, Thumbs.db
Wipe Free Space

Only $59.95
Incl. 1 Year Subscription

Buy Privacy Software

Erase Your Files Beyond Forensic Discovery.
Delay will only increase your risk.
Need more information? Please visit the
Privacy Suite software product page.

Privacy Suite provides the ability to clean the history of popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, will remove peer to peer tracks, will securely cleanse newsreaders and even allow for the creation of custom targets. This software also includes a full strength 256-bit AES encryption module to secure critical information from unauthorized discovery. As in cyberCide, erasure methods exceed US DoD requirements.

You may download a 15 day free, fully functional trial of this file deletion software from the Privacy Suite Product Page and Download Site.

Compliance Suite is the network version of Privacy Suite.
Compliance Suite File Deletion Software


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