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Secure Erasure
Password Manager
Data Destruction

CyberScrub Network Products
Compliance Suite

Data Destruction for Regulatory Compliance
(Data Destruction)

Customized Solutions Available to Clean Hard Drives

Secure Hard Drives Erasure for Corporate, Healthcare, Financial and Military Requirements

Ensures Enforcement of Data Retention and Document Lifecycle Policies

Complies with all applicable Federal directives for Wiping Hard Drives

Resource Library
A collection of information
and resources specifically
focused on computer security,
data destruction, document
life-cycle solutions, compliance
and password management

Data Wiping & Erasure
Ensure Data Retention Policies

Destroy Hard Drive Data
The Standard of
Data Wiping Solutions
Delete ALL Data from Hard Drives
Total Hard Drive Sanitization
Secure Erasure Beyond Recovery
Essential for Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB,
other Regulatory Compliance
Now Available for Networks

Ideal for Return of Leased Assets
and Computer Disposal

Order by Phone: 770-951-2080
(Monday-Friday 9-5pm EST)

From $29.95

For Volume pricing options select the Buy Now button

Customized Solutions Available

Volume and Site License options available

If you need Selective Erasure, Data Retention, or Free Space
Wiping solutions, please see Privacy Suite.

cyberCide is licensed per hard drive wiped/sanitized.
For example, if you need to erase two (2) hard drives, you will need two (2) uses.

Please note: For volume and site license options, please contact us via telephone or fax:
Telephone: 770 951-2080
FAX: 678-366-3978
Step One:

How many hard drives do you need to wipe:
1 use $29.95
2 uses $39.95
6 uses $115.95
12 uses $199.95
24 uses $379.95
50 uses $449.95
Step Two:

How would you like to run cyberCide:
from a bootable floppy disk

You can download our cyberCide® Media Maker application and create your bootable floppies instantly.
It is possible to create and save a detailed Log file with hardware serial numbers, date, erasure method used, errors (if any), and other data.

Many computers no longer have a floppy drive
(You may use an external floppy drive if desired)
from a CD (activation instructions)

Almost all computers have a CD drive.
We create and ship the CD to you.

Not possible to capture a Log File.
You will need a second computer to activate your license.

Note: There is a one time fee of $4.99 to create and ship your CD. You may at any time order additional wipe uses without incurring an additional CD fee.

over a network

Ideal for wiping large numbers of drives.
Central management. Ability to capture detailed Log files from each computer.

You must run a DHCP server to manage your network.

Note: There is a one time fee of $299.95 for the cyberCide® Network Server. You may at any time order additional wipe uses without incurring the Server fee.


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