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Data Retention Policies for
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Join us for this timely and informative
audiocast featuring Jon Neiditz.

Attorney Jon Neiditz is known for his work in information management, information security, privacy and e-commerce law. Read more about Jon

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SOX has expanded the reach of obstruction of justice corporate laws and substantially increased the corresponding penalties. It is now a criminal offense - with a maximum prison sentence of 20 years, substantial fines, or both - to destroy corporate documents "in contemplation of" a federal investigation or "administration of any matter." Data retention policies mitigate this risk by institutionalizing document life cycle management.

Imagine the potentially overwhelming technical and financial burden of reviewing the massive volume of email and documents required to comply with a vague and over-reaching subpoena.

Remember - "delete" does not mean erase. Correspondence, IP, financials, plans and numerous other types of sensitive data reside on a hard drive, making it available for costly and expensive forensic recovery. Explore methods and processes to ensure not only the sanitization of hard drives, but also the secure erasure of obsolete data residing on active computers.

About the Speaker

Jon Neiditz is known for his work in information management, information security, privacy and e-commerce law. Before joining Lord, Bissell and Brook LLP recently, he led practices in those areas at other major law and consulting firms. At Lord, Bissell & Brook, he has been leading firm-wide initiatives in e-records management and information security.

He has a broad background as a corporate and regulatory lawyer, general counsel and business consultant. His commitment to improvements in the health system has led him to lead and serve many governmental, regional and community efforts in that area. He currently serves as Chair of the Board of the Atlanta Regional Health Forum.

As a lawyer, consultant and community leader, Jon focuses on practical, cost-effective solutions to complex problems, and on establishing relationships of trust and transparency.


  • Helps many organizations meet the legal and technological challenges of e-records management, including managing risks and avoiding costs of e-discovery;
  • Oversees end-to-end information security reviews, and represents many organizations in connection with breaches of security, including the world’s largest payment system in connection with the largest breach of account numbers on record;
  • Built and led one of the larger practices in HIPAA privacy and security and human resources information management advisory services to employers;
  • Led consulting and legal services to some of the largest health care organizations in the country, and to many state and local governments;
  • Served as general counsel to many health organizations, and as counsel, consultant and director to many human services organizations;
  • Developed information management programs, policies, procedures and notices in areas such as security, privacy, surveillance, background checks, investigations, records management and dispute prevention and resolution;
  • Develops and assesses regulatory compliance programs in security, privacy, health, employment and other areas;
  • Structures and negotiates joint ventures, acquisitions and divestitures, strategic investments and outsourcing transactions;
  • Designed, drafted, negotiated and implemented state-level health insurance reform and workers' compensation reform laws and rules; and
  • Designed programs in areas such as consumer-directed health care, health and productivity, medical quality and safety, health care management, self-care and disability management.

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