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    How to Create a Strong Password: Checklist

    A password is required to access various websites and programs so the stronger the password the higher level of security you will attain. A breakdown in password security could lead to criminals raiding your bank or brokerage account, identity theft, ruining your credit, posting email or chat messages in your name, accessing remote drives that contain business plans, tax returns and more.

    It is relatively easy to create strong, secure passwords by following a few simple guidelines. You may of course use the built in password generator in CyberScrub KeyChain Password Manager to automatically generate any number of secure passwords.

    A strong password should meet these requirements:

    1. Your password should be at least 10 characters long. The longer the password the more difficult it will be to crack.
    2. You should try to include numbers, letters and symbols. However under no circumstances use sequential values (such as 123456, abcdef or sequential keyboard keys such as asdfgh). Another thing to avoid is using a repeating character (such as 777777). It is never a good idea to use a common word and simply replace a letter. For example, “ameri7a” is not a sound idea. These tricks are well known to hackers.
    3. Try to make your password easy to remember, but at the same time difficult for others to guess. Stay away from your birthday, partner’s or child’s name or user name. Also stay away from words found in any dictionary. There are tools that will check each and every word (and variations of each word, such as spelling it backwards). This is referred to as a "brute force attack".

    Here are a few tips for creating a qualified password:

    1. Think of a phrase, such as a song lyric. An example may be: "For he's a jolly good fellow".
    2. Now take the first letter of each word: fhajgf
    3. Make every other letter lower case: FhAjGf
    4. Now add some numbers and special characters to the front and back: 7$FhAjGf#2

    Remember- you can use the built in password generator in CyberScrub KeyChain Password Manager to automatically create strong secure passwords.

    Key Features

    KeyChain™ Auto Enters:
  • Passwords
  • User Names
  • Credit Card Details
  • Addresses, Forms

    KeyChain™ Supports:
  • "Click & Go"
  • Multiple Users
  • Shared Accounts
  • Password Generator
  • Single/Dual User

    KeyChain™ USB Drive:
  • Allows true portability
  • Use any USB Drive
  • Synchronizes pass-
    words between USB

  • Powerful, yet easy to use
    A Trusted Brand

    CyberScrub programs contain no spyware or adware. We are committed to high ethical standards, and will work hard to earn and keep your trust.
    Customer Support

    CyberScrub has recently received an OpenRatings™ score of "94" out of a possible 100 ranking for outstanding Customer Support. Our dedicated service technicians will provide prompt, courteous service when you need us.
    Additional Security

    Should rogue sites infect your computer with spyware, KeyChain™ Password Manager protects your data from keyloggers recording your activity. Your information is entered automatically - the keylogger has nothing to capture.

    You can also "log out" of KeyChain™ Password Manager at specified periods of inactivity to ensure no one can access your information when you step away from your desk.

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    9-5pm EST (M-F)

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