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This library offers a collection of information and resources specifically focused on computer security, data destruction, document life-cycle solutions, compliance and password management. All resources are available to post and distribute on your website, forums, blogs and other compilations, with the strict stipulation that these works must be published in their entirety, with full credit and notice given to their origin and copyright. You may also link directly to these items. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding re-publication or distribution.

Our goal is to develop a comprehensive security portal. We welcome your suggestions and will work hard to include information you may require. This project is in constant development, and your suggestions for additional content are very much appreciated.

We invite relevant, on-topic submissions for inclusion. If you are interested in submitting papers, audiocasts or other media, please contact us. We will also consider the exchange of links as applicable.


Legal Requirements to Delete EU Personal Data by James M. Jordan
This paper, prepared by the former Chief Privacy Leader and Senior Counsel for E-Commerce & Information Technology of General Electric Company is required reading for those assigned the stewardship of European-based personal data and records.

Data Destruction and Document Life Cycle Policies:
Considerations for Compliance with Federal Mandates and Acts

A perspective on issues relating to Electronic Data Retention and how this relates to compliance with federal and state regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GBL) and other.

The Seven Sins of Degaussing
Degaussing a hard drive is a procedure that utilizes a machine to produce strong electromagnetic fields that destroy magnetic data on a disk. While many are initially impressed with the speed of this process, there are serious disadvantages to degaussing.

Security Issues with Decommissioning Magnetic Media
This document describes practical considerations of taking magnetic media out of useful service of transferring such media to other departments of organizations. After raising awareness of the security, business and legal concerns, the document evaluates different techniques for the reader to be able to assess his options. Finally, the cyberCide™ product is presented as a cost-effective solution to address these risks.

Legal and Regulatory Violations Caused by Not Destroying Data Before Discarding
A comprehensive chart referencing various types of data and the acts and regulations they are subject to. An essential resource for compliance.

Practical Uses of CyberScrub Technology to Ensure the Secure Deletion of Data
This paper will touch briefly on the practical applications of deploying CyberScrub products and technology to 1) wipe free and slack space on hard drives and 2) affect the transparent secure erasure of selected files and folders through standard keyboard interaction.

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Listen to this informative talk by noted attorney and Ziff Davis Security Virtual Tradeshow panelist Jon Neiditz. Topics include the implications of data destruction in reference to federal compliance acts and policies.

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Government Reports

PRIVACY: Domestic and Offshore Outsourcing of Personal Information in Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE
An astounding number ( >40%) of health insurance contractors and state Medicaid agencies experienced a breach of PHI and other privileged health information within the last 24 months, according to a new Government Accounting Office report.

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SEC Rule 17A-4

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